The Herbal Consumer

Welcome to The Herbal Consumer


Welcome to The Herbal Consumer! This blog aims to provide you with information and resources to help you navigate the herbal marketplace. The use of and interest in herbs and herbal products continues to increase in this country. There is a lot to know and learn about the herbal marketplace, such as:

  • How herbal supplements are regulated.
  • Where to look for research information on herbs.
  • What to keep in mind when thinking about using an herbal supplement.
  • What the meanings are of terms such as wildcrafting herbs, naturopathic doctor and hepatotoxicity.

I am a herbal consumer myself, and through this blog I will share with you the information and resources that I have found so far as well as what I will continue to find along the way. If you’d like to learn more about this blog or me, check out my “About” page. Otherwise, let’s begin!